Welcome to Serchhip!

Brief Site Information

Flying Site – Serchhip, Mizoram, India

Location Co-ordinates – 23.308996°N 92.856701°E

Take Off Altitude – 980 Meters ASL

Landing Zone Altitude – 440 meters ASL

Take Off & Landing Aerial Distance – 2.1 Kms

Landing to Take Off Driving Distance – 10 minutes

Flying Season – October to April

One of the best and safest paragliding sites in India, a place where you are greeted in the morning by a beautiful sunrise with a breathtaking view that makes you feel like you are above the cloud and an amazing sunset in the evening. The fresh clear air, the beautiful blue sky above and the breathtaking surroundings are sure to soothe a weary soul of all its stress and daily anxieties of the modern world.

One is bound to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged after experiencing such heavenly surroundings.